Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

a. It is 3-3.5” it is pretty close to the trans

a. It should flow over the baffles not into

a. 1 – the inner tag on the drivers door if it is made in 2004 than it is a 2004.5
b. If it is made in 2003 than it is a 2004
c. The 2004s were made with no cats as the 2004.5 were made with cats
d. 2 – what is the horse power
e. 04.5 is 325HP 04 is 305HP

a. No it does not for Ram, Ford, Duramax

a. No the kit uses the stock clamp

a. No it does not require the refuse of the factory catalytic converter

a. There are some welded on in the back than there are others that you can move and place where you want

a. Yes but you can run the kit without it

a. Yes it will fit the longest configuration

a. Yes, some are welded into the clamps and some the physical exhaust